Thursday, October 6, 2011

Warehouse 10 as I call it...

.... was crazy cool. I spent a couple days at my sisters house near Brandon, Florida. It was all ten of us staying together and I think I can say with all honesty that there was never a dull moment. List of characters went something like this: my sister and her family - dad and three kids; my visiting brother, his girlfriend and my visiting sister, her husband. 10 made me. 

Almost every night was spent glued to the tv with my niece playing Mario Bros on their Wii. We would stay up until daylight hours defeating the relatives of the infamous King Koopa. On the last night we faced the big man himself and he was mad and tough. We went to sleep before we defeated the game and sadly he is still in reign. Next time, next time....

The evenings were spent watching a near-clusterfuck of culinary masterpieces you'll never see on the food network come to life before you eyes. It was like synchronized swimming or this OK Go video where they're all on the treadmills.

After a few had gone to bed the rest of us would stay up and sing from new songs to crap while drinking Nattie Ice. One night I stayed up so late that I was up for breakfast the next morning. It was awesome. Now I'm back home relaxing from an exhausting beach day yesterday in my neck of the woods. Sunset Beach did not disappoint and neither does Warehouse 13, which I'm watching right now.

I saw the first 6 episodes or so when it first came out and knew that it would be an awesome show to eat up once Netflix added it. I'm a sucker for this lame sci-fi shit, especially when it's not all space-y. A few days ago I saw NF threw it out for us suckers who didn't cancel and now is the time for me to indulge in Warehouse like it was the crawfish at the China Buffet.

So for now I must go get another plate and upload some pictures of nom-nom foods. Friday is a fishing night and Saturday my mom will be down from Colorado. I know it's only gonna get nuttier from here and not in the Nutella kind of way.

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