Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just a project I did for fun for some family...

... who finally got here yesterday. It seemed like decades passed to see my brother and sister after they announced they were coming for an unexpectedly cooler sunshine state holiday. I wanted to give them a couple things, some I could buy and others I couldn't but being me and handmade-crazy I thought instead of buying them souvenir magnets why not work on some of my own, using things from around the house. Nothing special but I thought it was a good way to turn something cheesy into something possibly more remembered and again, sticking with things I usually throw away. I also figured they'd be buying their own souvenir shit so mine would stand out, hopefully in a good way.

It was all so easy and enjoyable. It reminds me why I like to make instead of sell. Selling needs proper cut corners and perfectioned-uniqueness . Gifts can be relaxed and blemished but not sloppy and lazy.

So I started with some plain white paper and I drew the things I wanted obviously based on funnies I thought would relate to them.

(above) Obviously we are fans of the Doctor.

(above) A hammerhead; if we're lucky we'll actually catch one when we go fishing.

(above) sunburned pink lady

(above) a 'catfish'

I took some cardboard from a picture frame I filled up with a painting, the back of an old construction paper book or something of that sort. I save a lot of stuff so it's hard to remember. I'm sure you know if you're a kooky crafter who watches Hoarders while in denial too....

After I traced them I cut them out followed by a trip to the local pub to color them in. I used colored pencils and fine markers. When I was finished with my beers I came home and glued them using a regular glue stick.

Sometime during the drying process I sprayed them with acrylic sealer but Mod Podge or any of those paint-ons would work the same, I just happened to be out.

I try to always keep "magnetic buttons' from the store; if I get an advert magnet  in the mail  or any other kind of non-special, ugly ass magnet I'll sometimes glue that to the back. I used the store bought kind because the last pack I bought is still going strong. They were self-adhesive but I still hot glued them on to the cardboard backing. Unfortunately I was almost a few sheets towards the windy side so I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked. I didn't take any of the back but I was fairly sure you all know what cardboard + magnet =

Please excuse some terrible drunken photography where apparently I forget that a flashbulb is sometimes an issue but as you cas see they came out very cool. Issues with making this were very minimal; I'd say this was downright easy. I like how decorative magnets can be made with so many different items. The next batch I make I want to use up some of my polymer that's been living in the closet.

Today I am making chana. It's a crunchy, flavorful snack food that tastes ahhhh-mazing; it's made from chick peas and I am adding a litte variation by mixing in black eyed peas. Be ready for an instructional on what to eat while you make you own magnets.

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