Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm sure some of you have been wondering what....

 .... I've been doing with myself this last fortnight. Or maybe not? 

My brother and sister from England came over to visit my sister and me in Florida. While they were here they cooked some of the best food I've had in ages and being as crazy as I am I photographed everything I could. Maybe next time they're here I'll know how to cook something other than American food or American food disguised as Italian or Mexican food.

On the far left is me, the far right my sister who lives here and in-between us is our visiting siblings from across the Atlantic. Excuse all their dopey looks, they took their sunglasses off for some reason. I'm sure I have a very similar look behind my DG shades. 

Dolce? Hell nah, I'm talkin' Dolla' General, beotch. (above)

This is a closeup of the curry powder being fried up in oil at the bottom of the curry pan; I would show you exactly how it's done but it's a very old family secret dating back generations. (above)

After the curry powder is fried to perfection you'll add potatoes and water until they're almost soft. (above)

Some hot pepper is niiiiiiiice. (above)

Once the potatoes are cooked enough to eat but not enough they'll break up you'll add the shrimp, they really only need minutes in the hot potato curry pit. No extra liquid should be added but feel free if it's  drying out. (above)

Don't forget your rice because it really goes well with a curry. Don't feel like rice? Try it in a pita or dhalpourie. 

Don't know what a dhalpourie is? Well, just wait until I post 'em. You won't be able to say that again.

(below) You'll see the finished spicy shrimp curry. I wish I would have gotten photo's of it after we sat it on some rice but once it was done we dug right in. A good side for this is shredded cabbage fried in butter. The sweet and the spicy go greatly.

Yum fuckin' yum! Check out those potatoes and shrimp curried side by side. Who doesn't want to get their fingers in there? (above)

While curry is great for you; a natural laxative, lowers your cholesterol, lowers your blood pressure, the turmeric in it prevents alzheimer's, be warned, curry stains EVERYTHING so use a fork when you can even though eating with your fingers always tastes better.

Try it if you don't believe me.


And you should definitely check out the links below on how good curry is for you, it might just change your mind about the food that smells out the neighborhood.

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