Friday, October 28, 2011

Birthdays Just Keep Popping Up This Time of Year:

In the next week I have two birthdays, one for my brother-in-law and one for my nephew. 

(below) I saw these felt leaf coasters on Etsy and thought to myself, "How can I change this to make it my own?". What does my brother-in-law like? And in times of question I always turn to elephants. I'm praying he never gets tired of the largest land animal because every year I get him something elephant inspired and I'd hate to have to find a new idea.

(above) When I saw this felt elephant I thought the shape was so nice I'd steal it for my coasters.

(above) I sketched out a little elephant and then made some felt cutouts; my pattern being on the bottom right. I was sure to measure a few glasses, cups and mugs first.

(above) Then I sewed them together using a blanket stitch. I chose these colors because the red, gold and green is already a big theme in their house, as well as the elephants. I added brown and purple as the extra two because I wanted it to be less like a rainbow and I thought adding blue would complete the famous arc too much, hence the brown. There are five family members altogether so I also thought only doing 4 would be a little insulting.

I gave them tassel tails just for fun and am still deciding whether I want to give them eyes of some sort. Perhaps just a simple puffy-painted golden eye?

(above) With or without eyes I think the coasters will be great additions. I have some more planned in my head I'm just waiting for the right occasion to let them escape.

(above) If you ever want to make a tassel this guide helped me out oodles. Also, for a blanket stitch guide I think this woman has the best tutorial. Her photos are step-by-step and clear as a drunk mans piss.

As for my nephew I remember him asking me to make him the Scream painting after he saw my Mona Shaira for his grandmother. These were my inspirations:

(above) The original, or one of the originals I should say. Apparently the painter created quite a few of them in different mediums back in the day.

(above) I used this Simpsons version because the lines are so much clearer. It's no wonder I am such a fan of caricature art; almost all my inspirations come from cartoons. When I was a child I wanted to be an animator but when I grew up I gave up on that dream like I gave up on so many other things I wanted for myself. 

(above) This version helped me out with the coloring because the first one is almost bland in appearance.

(below) I bought a frame from the Dollar General across the street, turned over the ugly woman smiling through her veneers and started sketching.

When the sketching was done I got my paints out and went over it:

I found this project to be so much easier than the Mona Shaira. Da Vinci has some amazing brushstrokes going on, so amazing I couldn't figure out where to put my own brush on the paper. Edvard Munch however paints like I like to: broad, clear lines going in all directions. I hope when my nephew sees it he'll like it. I'm almost afraid that he was talking about the the Scream guy from the movie Scream but we even talked about the bridge, he put his hands to his face like he was Home Alone and it was after the unveiling of the Mona Shaira so I must be right.... still, nerves really start to fuck with you this late at night.

Here are the two side by side. I know a lot of you want to compare and don't feel bad; I do the same thing more times than I could ever keep track of.


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