Sunday, September 18, 2011

What to do now?

So, my fan page is up and .... crawling. But that's to be expected since I can't bring myself to advertise it. The idea of spamming, even leaving the link to this blog on comments I've left on other blogs, makes my skin crawl. Almost literally.

Perhaps it's because I view commercials as harassment, constantly yapping in your ear about getting this and buying that when really you just want them to shut up because your not buying that new car any time sooner.

I've added a few more things to my Etsy which have gotten little to no bites but that's also not a big surprise. I'm pleased to say that I started giving out this blog address so with everything linking into a circle, from Etsy to Facebook to Blogger, I feel I'll get some more love going on.

A question I've had in my mind is, "How do I do a craft blog, have followers AND still find a way to surprise people in my gift-giving process?". Most of what I do is for other people and the surprise is really my favorite part, next to the product being finally fuckin' done, of course.

How do other crafters do it, I think? Perhaps they only post things they're not giving away and wait until they've given the gift to put it up? I think that's something I'll have to do in the future.

But for the present... what should my ass be doing?

My fridge broke last night, it just stopped cooling down to the point that the ice was melting in the freezer. It was odd and bleaching out the spare fridge we have in the garage that hasn't been used in over 6 months and then transferring the food from one freezer to another used up more of me than I would like to admit, leaving me pondering where I should go from there in regards to calling up my landlord/maintenance man and having him come inside; something I always dread. Not having him in the house since I moved in six months ago is also a weird part for me. I feel like I have to clean EXTRA, extra hard and that's time consuming and energy sucking.

I know I have my paintings from the last post to work on, especially Mona.

I also need a list going on with what to do in the next few weeks because this time of year is insane for me. I have more than two handfuls of birthdays on the horizon plus that whole birth of Christ thing that everyone likes to get something for. Sometimes I blame Jesus for birthdays altogether.

I feel like back in the day people were like, "I want to celebrate my birthday, everyone does with Jesus and he's not even here anymore".

I have 2 birthday at the end of this month; October has birthdays for people I'm not making anything for but they're still nice enough to call me their friend and November to December has about 4 birthdays. I'd say by December I should have at least 5 things made for these people. October gets to be my busy month of Christmas gifts, so here's my new goal list:

1) come up with a private list of who I'm giving to and what I'm making for them

2) make new items for my Etsy shop by tomorrow, I'm thinking page corner bookmarks (as if anyone even knows what a book is these days) and using more pages from my Heloise book to get a doodle or two down to pretend to sell

3) post updated caricature paintings on here and post new items for sale on Etsy

4) find idea to use up felt, perhaps another ''needle book'' or cup holder since both worked out well last time

5) include tutorials on all things or at least take pictures along the way

Well, now that I've got that sorted out I better get started on this. This blogging thing is really helpful for organizing my thoughts...

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