Monday, September 19, 2011


So I'm finally done making 6 corner bookmarks while taking photos as well; tomorrow will have to be my first tutorial because my headache makes me kind of wish I no longer had a head to ache. The bookmarks only took me about 4 hours, which I find a little ridiculous but whatever. They came out well and the photos are uploading as I type.

I still haven't done anything else on my last goal list so I feel a little unaccomplished but tomorrow (or really today, in about 7 hours) is another day to get back to work. I never started any doodles and feel like  I could use a good bus ride for inspiration. What do you do to find what you want to draw? Where do you go when you need to get ideas?

If you say the internet I won't hurt you, I've gotten more than a few myself from the help of Google and StumbleUpon. In fact, I have to go through a few folders where I save the best ideas so I can start that Christmas gift list.

Do you know what you're doing this Christmas? What about Halloween? I know what my costume will be and of course it includes work from these two hands on the keyboard. What is your costume idea? Or costumes? Perhaps you're like me and is planning a together costume?

Anyone wanna take guesses on what I'm doing? I'll give you a hint; it has to do with Christmas.... kinda.

Oh, and here's a sneak peak at what the instructional will be on tomorrow:

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