Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Evolution of a Painting. Part 1

I used a few photos of each person to help me get a clearer cartoon sketch instead of just duplicating one photo. I do this because one photo can lie, especially when it comes to shape of the nose and trick of the light. Perhaps you'll see what I mean or perhaps you're just a better artist who actually took the time to learn bone structure and muscle patterns:

Above is my brother Mario and his girlfriend Sue; he's holding my grandniece and his grandaughter Shira. She is named... of course.... after my our mother Shaira.

Below is a photo of my sister Donna and her husband Peter, both clueless that I've been studying their faces for the last week:

... and here goes the even longer list of photos I took throughout the sketching and painting process. I'm still not done with any of them which stresses me a little but the progress is great so far:

here is the start of my Mona Shaira for my mother, a twist on the Mona Lisa:

I start it like a coloring book:

And then color it in:

It looks like Donna put on someone else's makeup in the dark:

....let's add some yellow

and then take most of it away....

As you can see I have quite a bit of time left on these, especially Mona Shaira, so perhaps by Tuesday morning I will have them done. For now I have to get back to my Etsy; I've put up a couple other things for sale and still working on a third. It's taken me this long (since I posted about it earlier) to get the photos ready and to get it online but now that the goals are getting done the frustrations are melting away nicely.

But I'm sure the whiskey helped with that a little.


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