Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's been 5 days....

.... since my last blog. Since then I've bought some felt and have been at work cutting out patterns and sewing together candy canes and stars, baubles and trees in an attempt at selling my own Christmas ornaments. They're coming out better than I expected and only taking years off my back and hands. I didn't realize that you could force arthritis until now. Perhaps it's just carpal tunnel. Who knows?

Either way I'm almost ready to get the candy canes, baubles and stars for sale, or perhaps I'll sell them as a mixed bag of ornaments and not by sets of 2, as was my first idea. Pictures will be up soon. For now I've got to take a break from my ornaments and start the sketching of a friend who's birthday is coming up. I won't give out too many details but I will say it's another caricature-type so I need to get that ball slowly rolling down the mountainside of amazeballs.

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