Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today is just one more brick in my multicolored road of caricatures

So my last goal list is finally kind of complete. I've gotten my super secret list of things for Christmas and birthdays finished, 6 bookmarks for Etsy, a tutorial, more than a few felt ideas for some of those upcoming day of births (and I'm pleased since a few of those gifts are to people who DON'T USE THE INTERNET... yes, they still exist... so I can post the shit out of 'em).

Now I'm off to work on the paintings which haven't seen my brush since the weekend. When these are done it's time to work on another birthday idea for the end of the month and then.... What? I don't fully know.

One friend suggested I start Christmas ornaments and I think that's a fantastic idea. I hear selling for the upcoming holidays is smart. Verrrrry smart. Thanks Alyssa! One of my sisters also enjoys original ornaments; I made her some a year or so ago and have been trying to think of better-best ways to go around it since then because I wasn't entirely pleased with the outcome of using fabric. I think I smell some more felt around the corner.... or 'smelt' as my brain tried to put it.

Whazzer! I just got Turkey Day ideas from the Christmas ornaments paragraph. Nice, very nice.... wish you could all see it. They look as fab as the mini-yarn-chandelier X-mas baubles floating around in my head right now.

So a real quick list of goals for the next few days:

1) finish carics.

2) get next birthday gift idea in my brain

3) tornado some ideas around for ornaments and thankful-turkey ideas

4) delve into the mystical and magical world of wantcrafts; you won't wanna miss that.

What would you like to see Plays Well with Shelf make? What holiday is your favorite?

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