Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I only have a few days left...

.... on this Earth. Oh, that's not right. I meant I only have a few days left until my big brother and sister are going to be here. Excitement is at an all time level. Between you and me I'm still not satisfied with their gifts. I bought a couple new tiny brushes to add some accent lines but haven't gotten around to it. 

Christmas ornaments have taken over my life!

Who knew it would take so long?! I am proud that I have 12-14 finished. I can't remember for sure but I do know I'm ready to put them up for sale. If no one buys them then I know what I'm giving everyone for Christmas! I also have a boatload of felt left and I'm still working on some yellow snowmen and Tardis ornaments. Check out what I have done so far, this is what I'm putting up in my store tomorrow:

I'll probably sell them in these sets of six. Or maybe I should split them into pairs? I haven't fully decided yet on those unconventional ornaments. For the more traditional kind of person I made these:

Just for fun I made a few basic dancing stars:

I've also started and gotten scarily close to finishing a birthday gift for a very good friend at the end of the month. I can't share too much but I will be posting pictures in the next week. For now I must go and clean up the mess I've made painting.


  1. I love them all. Are you still thinking about making the poll for cost/how they should be sold?

  2. No, perhaps not. I think I figured it out. I'll sell them by how I photographed them, in those sets of 6. The 3 stars can go together and I was thinking of doing a few more of the stars to make a complete set; I'll probably finish that around the same time I finish the tardis and yellow snowmen.

    Set of 6 for maybe 7-8 dollars, I'm not terribly pleased with my stitching so I won't be asking for more than $15 like I see some of the other Etsy sellers doing.

    I'm definitely gonna try the flea market once I get enough crap together, assuming most of it won't sell online.