Saturday, November 5, 2011


As my birthday came and went I knew I wanted to do something special and simple. A friend recently had a pinata at her party and it sounded like such a fun idea that I knew I wanted to have one for mine. As I realized Halloween candy was half off (or more) thanks to post-halloween sales I set to work to make a baby shaped pinata for the baby shower I was throwing myself for my birthday.

I mixed about 4 cups water with 2 cups flour and 1 cup Mod Podge. That may have been overkill but I'd rather a tough baby than a one-hit quitter.

I used 3 balloons in all, 2 for the body and one for the head and I taped them together to hold them in position before I set to work on layering them with glue-dipped newspaper:

The whole thing took a few days due to the drying process but a ceiling fan really helped. After I was sure it was dry enough I went to work painting it, not worry too much about perfection since I knew we'd be bashing it in.

Hanging it up was an issue for all of 5 minutes until an extension cord was brought out allowing us to get to the beating.

A photo of the pinata before starting and the shadowed figure of the man who'd end up breaking him open.

After the smash the head became a very popular photo companion:

And of course, the candy was a HUGE hit! What a way to spend a birthday; pretending to be pregnant and having a bash. All I can say is it was awesome.

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