Friday, October 21, 2011


Here is an authentic Trinidad flatbread my brother and sister made when they were here. It's more delicious than I can describe and goes great with a curry or by itself. Say it with me: dawl   purr    ee.



Very nice!

(above) The filling is yellow split peas after they've been in a food processor with a few other things. Sadly I missed that process but I'd guess it's pretty similar to the recipe for chili cakes. Per processor load I'd say 3/4 of a hot pepper depending on your heat tolerance, a clove of garlic, a teaspoon of cumin seed, maybe a bit of onion? Who really knows? These yellow split peas were probably soaked overnight as well to soften them up. It's a shame I didn't get there early enough to capture the magic involved in this bread.

(above) The trick is you spoon a good heaping of that magic pea mixture into a dough ball; how to make the dough specifically I also don't know but c'mon, you're not gonna make this anyway. I just wanted to let you know what you were missing.

(above) As you can see, my brother is rolling out the dough balls that are now filled with that yellow mixture. It's a delicate process I'm to understand as you don't want it to be uneven, lumpy and create holes and shit. I was surprised at the amount of oil that went onto that black pan also called a ''tawah'', the 'h' being optional it seems.

(above) As it's cooking it will rise and look really cool. Mario holds down the edges with spoons to hold it on your tawa or else it would float away. Don't have a tawah? Well I guess a pan will do.

(above) The finished dhalpourie cut into quarters. It's really something I think everyone could fall in love with. You want to put a couple pieces of curry chicken in these little bitches and some rice that would be nice. You could also just eat it by itself. I ate these leftovers cold because they're still so good. If you were interested in making your own and wanted a better recipe, one that actually lists ingredients and measurements try:

Since this is a two stepper (really like a five stepper) you need the recipe for the dough as well:

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