Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm off to see the wizard.

Or I wish I were. They should make an Oz theme park, or at least have it in Islands of Adventure. Perhaps next to Hogsmead? Or maybe a subdivision of that Seussical place that looks like it's made of fondant or some other kind of cake topping.

Either way, pondering where to put the Emerald City in Florida is one of the few things keeping my head on. I'm so excited because I have my first official follower. I feel like a young Clint Eastwood starring in his first western. It's so good to know when I'm writing this that I'm no longer talking to myself.

I even got comments today so I must be doing something right. And while we're on the subject of doing something let me say that I have not done a single creative thing today and it felt GREAT! Okay, maybe not great but I took a day to clean up my house and figure out what I'm doing as ''fillers'', as I called them before.

I won't go into too much detail yet but I will say that fridge magnets are on the horizon. I'm trying to come up with corny slogans so if you have any send them in. I'm looking for, "I went to Florida and all I got was this catfish shaped magnet", "I went to the fishing capital of the world and all I got was this lousy sunburn" type stuff. Extra cheese and a side of cute will do lovely.

Aside from the cleaning and the catchphrase-storming I've been trying to figure out finishing touches and accent lines on the end-of-the-month gift. I'll upload a picture by next week, I'm thinking. After I'm done typing this I'm off to Etsy to list at least one of my ornament sets, I think the 'punky' one because the traditional set didn't photograph as clearly as I would have liked. Maybe I'm just being judging but I can't make out my shoddy gypsy stitching from the image.

I think I'm officially done on Mona and my caricatures. I'll take pictures and show them to you in the next few days; after they get them on the first of October. Tonight I'm going to relax in a clean house with almost no half-projects looming in the back of my mind (who am I kidding, there's ALWAYS something creeping up back), watching fall tv and making some jewelry for myself.

See, I told you there's always something going on back there. Wait until you see my new necklace. You'll all be asking for one.

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