Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting around to those magnets is really a de-stressing job.

So far, at least.

I'm having fun sketching out what they'll look like and say, basically all keeping the same lame expression. I put up a set of ornaments for sale and feel good about not charging what everybody else is charging. I renewed my drivers license (completely off topic) last night and bought some chick peas for chana. Chana might possibly be my next tutorial and it's the most nummy piece of crunchy num you've probably ever heard of.

 It's either that for the next instructional or the next set of ornaments I make. Maybe I should start taking photos of the magnets?

Oh such a good idea I gave myself. Must go before I get too far.... need. Take. Photos. Oh, and my necklaces came out well and I have two more to go before I post pics. They are made from things I found around the house and whatnot. I think they came out awesomely. One is going to call for the letter blocks I bought awhile ago when I made the Avada Kedavra necklace.

I think it's time I made another spell necklace and not just the kind where you bless the pendant before stringing it; speaking of... I haven't gotten into the Wantcrafts yet even though I keep teasing you guys with it.

Soon guys.... real soon.

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