Saturday, September 17, 2011

Frustrations are a form of goals; sometimes they're the only one things holding on to you.

It is day two (eleven? seventy?) of my quest to get something "going" and I'm feeling something like this:

What should be going, what is going and what I want to go are three different stories to which all the books have been lost. Enough about empty quests and the successes people tell me I should have when really I just want to create in peace and give gifts, opposed to selling items and creating a brand or something.

Who knows? I sure don't. But I do know that I'm having 'one of those days'. Yes, a day similar to many but different altogether. Today I'm attempting a Facebook fan page separate from my regular FB, in hopes to keep some things in life apart.

What do you do on days where things just aren't working?

 I like to go back to bed, try to become the octopus-like Longing Lady (found below) but I've found that with some scenarios you just have to man up and get it done with. This is definitely one of those times and I'm pleased to say that blogging about it is the best part of my last few days.

The least would have to be dealing with the photo uploader on Facebook from my ridiculously large pictures (and for some reason a few of the small photos as well). Big and small issues seem to be all over a goal list. Sometimes it feels like the only way to have goals is to have obstacles and you can't have one without the other. Is that true?

Skipping the longterm, my ''quick and easy'' goals (which I guess the shower scene could fit into, I do need one after all) are pretty simple.

1) Upload photos and get a fan page started on Facebook without having to exploit all of my friends for a like. Nothing annoys me more than someone you haven't spoken to (or even a friend) leaving you a comment telling you to like something publicly. At least give me the option and say, ''check out yada blah-blah''. Not, ''go like this''.

2) Upload more photos but this time on Etsy, at least putting up 3 new items for sale and finding 10 more stores I actually like. I may be selling out by attempting to make a profit off my old hobby (and place to go on days just like this) but I'm not going to downright lie, and that includes randomly liking shit that I don't actually like just for the sake of a view.

3) Produce 2 blogs by tonight, possibly including this one. Fuck that, let's say 3 blogs by tomorrow morning and that certainly includes this little doozy.

I have so many more goals in mind but only so much space to input into your brains. Wait, brains and space in the same sentence? Both are infinite, like my ideas.... and my old acrylic and puffy-painted Deep Space piece which is acrylic and puffy-painted on box-canvas. Do I see a beam of hope in a distant star? Somewhere near that caricature I'm almost done painting?

I think I do!

How do you deal with your annoyances? How do you turn a wish in to a plan? How do you take your plan and execute the shit out of it?

Do you go for a full out dream book or are your ideas just a breeze to glide through on your way to what you want? How many dreams have you gave up on and how many are still in the works?

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